19/05 ITALIAN CUP CEn2* – CEn1*
19/05 Regional Championship novice / cen-a / cen-b
19/05 Fei Trophy cei2*j/yr

Horse Country Resort, Congress & Spa_Sardegna, Arborea (OR)

After the great success of numerous national and international events, Horse Country Resort presents two major Endurance events in 2019:
the Italian Absolute Championship CEI3* and the Italian Cup CEI2* – CEI1* – CEI2* J / YR.
The events will take place on one of the most pleasant and safe routes in the European Endurance scenario, which consists of four rings: a red ring with a distance of 35km, white and yellow rings of 25Km and a 20km green. The competitions will start on Saturday 18th May 2019 with the CEI3 * of the Italian Absolute Championship and will continue on Sunday 19th May with the CEI2* – CEI1* – CEI2* J / YR for the assignment of the Italian Cup.
The event will end up on Sunday evening with the official award ceremony.