18th SEPTEMBER 2021 

After the Great Success of numerous national and international events that saw riders from all over the world challenge each other on one of the safest, smoothest and most pleasant routes on the international Endurance scenario, Horse Country Resort presents the “Sardinia Endurance Festival 2021”, consisting of an international event of extreme importance which is the “Young Horses World Championship”.
The event will be held on 18th September 2021 in Arborea (OR) at the Horse Country Resort, Congress & Spa.

19th SEPTEMBER 2021 CEI1 * 100 and CEI2 * 120 OPEN and CEIJY1* 100 and CEIJY2* 120

The CEI1 * 100 and CEI2 * 120 OPEN and the CEIJY1 * 100 and CEIJY2 * 120 races will follow the day after the World Championship